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"Damn it! You think you can get away?" - Toshio Utsumi

Toshio Utsumi (内海 俊夫 Utsumi Toshio) is the male protagonist of Cat's Eye series. He is a police detective in the Inukami Police Department's Anti-Cat's Eyes Division and the high school sweetheart of Hitomi Kisugi who is unaware that she is a thief.


While a bit clumsy, very gullible, unlucky and not very good at finding clues, Toshio's dogged determination and unyielding persistence has impressed his supervisors on multiple occasions. He is very stubborn and gets into verbal fights constantly (usually with his Chief, although he tends to yell at anyone who upsets him, no matter who they are). Toshio doesn't like using a gun and prefers to use his wits and fists to contend with criminals.

After getting engaged to Hitomi, his work ethic improves significantly, since he's determined to catch Cat's Eye so that he can marry her. He begins to strategize much better and starts looking into Micheal Heinz in an attempt to find out more about Cat's Eye.


Hitomi Kisugi[]

Hitomi is his girlfriend, and later his fiancee. They frequently get into arguments, usually because Hitomi takes issue with the way Toshio acts, but Toshio still cares deeply about her. He also cares for her as a member of Cat's Eye, claiming that they have a special bond. Even though he's always trying to catch her, he doesn't actually wish for any harm come to her. When he got the chance to arrest her, he didn't take it. When he briefly realized that Hitomi was Cat's Eye (before being convinced that he had just been imagining things) he was extremely distraught, torn between the desire to turn in Cat's Eye and protect Hitomi.

Mitsuko Asatani[]

They were initially on bad terms, since Asatani had been sent to make up for Toshio's shortcomings. Toshio called her a "Plain Jane", among other insults. Later on in the series, they disagree sometimes, but they do work together and worry for each other's safety when one of them is in danger.


  • Toshio has a weakness for beautiful women (especially blondes) and constantly makes Hitomi Kisugi jealous.
  • In the manga Toshio has female underwear phobia. It is stated in Volume 15, Chapter 109 when Toshio was young his father passed away, so growing up surrounded he was surrounded with women. At that time his family business in Kyushu specializes in female underwear. Due to his surrounding Toshio at some point started to wear female clothes. But it was only in elementary Toshio realized his mistake. He was teased in gym class when everyone found out. Ever since then Toshio has detested female underwear, and tries to live a life as a man.