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"Hopefully this painting will give us a clue to Father's location." - Rui Kisugi

Rui Kisugi (来生 泪 Kisugi Rui) is one of the main characters of Cat's Eye series. She is the eldest sister in the Kisugi family who acts as the leader of the Cat's Eye group.


Rui has shoulder length black hair, blue eyes and a mole on the left side of her lip. While on missions, she wears a purple leotard, but she is also seen in many different casual outfits.


Rui is an elegant and fashionable young woman who acts as the mother figure for her sisters and is very protective of them. She is the one who usually outlines strategies and plans the heists. With model good looks, worldly sophistication, and razor-sharp intelligence she is able to handle almost any situation.

She is extremely athletic and proficient in a great number of activities and skills including car racing, hang gliding, parachuting, helicopter piloting, motorcycle riding, roller skating, skateboarding, martial arts, electronics, handguns and scuba diving. She is a skilled actress and is able to disguise her appearance effortlessly. She is also fluent in a number of languages including English, French and German; she can also read lips accurately. Rui acts as the mother figure for her sisters and is very protective of them. She is the only sister who has any lasting memory of their parents.


Hitomi Kisugi[]

Rui is much more level-headed than Hitomi and has no trouble seeing the bigger picture, so she often gives her advice about how to move forward in a situation. They often partner together on heists as Cat's Eye. Rui is protective of Hitomi and warns her to not rush into things by herself without a proper plan.

Ai Kisugi[]

Rui is protective over Ai as well, although it's to a greater extent considering that Ai is younger than Hitomi. She trusts her skills and includes her on missions when possible, but she'd rather leave her out of harm's way.


  • Rui is the only Kisugi sister who has any lasting memories of their parents.