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"I'm totally going to be famous!" - Kazumi

Kazumi (和美) is a minor character of Cat's Eye series.


Kazumi is very prideful and dreams of becoming famous. She knows how to get people to do what she wants, and uses this to her advantage to try to find out who Cat’s Eye is.


She is a girl from Ai Kisugi's school who took a picture of Hitomi Kisugi while shooting photographs of the moon with a telelens. She later boasted to one of her friends that she had taken pictures of Cat's Eye, sending Ai (who overheard the conversation) into a panic. Kazumi became determined to reveal Cat's Eye's true identity. She managed to get a good look at the backside of Cat's Eye and thought that Hitomi fit the picture very well, and became only more convinced when she saw Hitomi playing around with some punks in the park. Mitsuko Asatani has noticed this as well and takes Kazumi into her confidence. Kazumi made up a story about her dad being away (therefore making it unsafe for a young girl like her to be home alone) to have an excuse to stay at the Kisugi's home overnight. However, the Kisugi sisters managed to outsmart her by making it seem that they were still at home during the Cat's Eye mission.