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"But how about this? Catch me if you can!" - Hitomi Kisugi

Hitomi Kisugi (来生 瞳 Kisugi Hitomi) is one of the main protagonists of the Cat's Eye series. She is the middle sister of the Kisugi family who is usually the one who actually commits the heists and is hence uniquely referred to as the Cat's Eye.


Hitomi has long black hair and amber eyes. While on missions, she wears an blue leotard, but she is also seen in many different casual outfits.


Hitomi is a very kind-hearted, caring, charming, and loyal woman. She cares deeply about her sisters and Toshio, but her temper often gets the better of her and leads her to lash out at people close to her (most notably Toshio--the two of them get into arguments frequently). She apologizes for what she did or said later on, however.


Toshio Utsumi[]

Toshio is her boyfriend and later becomes her fiance. They frequently get into arguments, usually because Hitomi takes issue with the way Toshio acts, but she still cares deeply about him. Hitomi wants Toshio to keep chasing her forever as a member of Cat's Eye. When he's in danger or needs help, she doesn't pass up the chance to help him, even if that would put her in harm's way.

Rui Kisugi[]

Ai Kisugi[]

Ai loves to tease Hitomi, usually about her relationship with Toshio. This annoys Hitomi, but the two of them still have a good relationship.


  • Hitomi is the only Kisugi sister to be in a relationship. Her fiancé is Toshio Utsumi, who is a clumsy young police officer that is investigating the Cat's Eye case.