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"You idiot! Who the heck cares?! Just come quick!" - Chief

Chief (課長) is a secondary character of Cat's Eye series. He is Toshio Utsumi's demanding Section Chief, who oversees the Detective's Division of the Inunaki Precinct. Not much is known about him (even his full name is never disclosed) aside from the fact that he's married. He is constantly at odds with Toshio over his handling of the Cat's Eye investigation, and scolds Toshio at every opportunity.

Not being able to catch Cat's Eye stresses him out, and he is shown occasionally taking pills for various things, like his blood pressure or stomach.


Toshio Utsumi[]

Chief is almost always mad at him for something, and frequently calls him an idiot. He often threatens to fire him or cut his pay for his incompetence.

Mitsuko Asatani[]

He respects her intellect and believes that she's a more valuable employee than Toshio (as evidenced by him saying that he would pay her ransom, but not Toshio's because he wasn't worth that much).