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"Never mind! I had my turn after all!" - Ai Kisugi

Ai Kisugi (来生 愛 Kisugi Ai) is one of the main characters of Cat's Eye series. She is a youngest sister in the Kisugi family who usually acts as Cat's Eye mechanic.


Ai has short black hair and brown eyes. While on missions, she wears an orange leotard, but she is also seen in many different casual outfits.


As the baby sister of the trio, Ai has a spunky, tomboyish personality. She has a genius-level I.Q. and is particularly adept in mechanics, computer programming and engineering. She has built a wide array of gadgets to help her sisters in their heists.

A typical teenager, Ai seems to be preoccupied a lot and dreams of falling in love. She also has a pet tabby kitten called "Tiger".


Hitomi Kisugi[]

Ai loves to tease Hitomi, usually about her relationship with Toshio. This annoys Hitomi, but the two of them still have a good relationship.

Rui Kisugi[]